Barbados Conkies


Conkies are a favorite with every Barbadian family and are made traditionally in November to celebrate Independence. They are quite heavy so you won’t need more than one per person. You will need:


Sharp knife


Large mixing bowl


Fresh green Banana leaves (Substitute Corn Husks)

2 cups of corn flour

½ cup plain flour

6 oz of margarine or lard (I use Butter)

1 egg

1 cup of whole milk

I tsp salt

1 lb brown sugar

4 oz raisins

1 tsp of Cinnamon

1 tsp Nutmeg

1 tsp of almond essence

1 Cup grated Pumpkin (or Butternut Squash)

¼ Cup grated Sweet potato

1 Cup grated Coconut (or dried)



Take your fresh green banana leaves and strip the leaves from the stalk with a sharp knife, then you need to singe the leaves over a naked flame just long enough to make them pliable.

Now tear your leaves into squares big enough to wrap your conkie mixture into.

Next you will need to grate your pumpkin, coconut and sweet potato into a large mixing bowl.

Next add your raisins, sugar, salt, spice, almond essence, nutmeg, corn flour and plain flour and mix it all together.

Beat your egg and add that to the mixing bowl.

Now you can add your milk and margarine or lard, the mixture should now be stiff to mix.

Now place a few dollops of mixture on each banana leaf and fold the leaf around the mixture.

Now place your conkies on the steamer and cook until firm.



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