2020 Reboot Season     


If I clone myself how will I know which one to shoot when I turn evil? Click for mp3-->   

Nothing right?     

What does a steam powered giraffe even eat?    

However any mercy you display will ascend me to a world from may be misconstrued as weakness?    

Sure but what if our dance routine was stolen by our crosstown rivals then we'd have to go first at the dance off    

If my knees bent backwards like an ostrich which restroom would I use?    

Do we really want to taste the Rockies there are so many moose up there?    

I think so Future Brain but if you're really from the future don't you already know that I'm not?    

But do you really think we can train bees to make mustard?    

I think so Dr Brainenstein but isn't eleven just a fancy way to say one teen?    

I think so Alibah Brain but a waterbed filled with Ranch Dressing whooo is almost too obvious?

But a banana hammock who is not as comfortable as it sounds?    

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