Bunches of References Accumulated In a Nutshell (a.k.a - BRAIN)
The official Cultural Reference Guide for the animated series:
Pinky and the Brain
Version 1.0
Release date October-6-1997.
Edited and Compiled by Brian Norman (acmelabs1@aol.com).
For a full introduction, see part 1 of this guide. This section includes the
first 8 'A' episodes of the Pinky and the Brain series which are rebroadcasts
of material previously shown on Animaniacs. For this reason, this guide is
primarily reprints of the Cultural Reference Guide for Animaniacs (CRGA)
(C) 1993, 1994 by Will B. Bell and is reprinted with his permission. This is
why this section may have a different look to it than other sections.
Of course, this section of the guide is always open to new references which
may be noticed, which is why I denoted reprinted information with a '*'
preceding all reprinted lines. (The first two shorts of episode 9A, for
example, which are not included in the CRGA.)
* 0 == I have not confirmed it, but I believe it is right.
* ? == I have not confirmed it, and am not sure. Would like confirmation.
(Symbols from the CRGA, included here because they appear only in this section,
for other symbols, see part one of this guide.)
Episode: 2A
"Spell Bound" --
* - DYN: One of the trees in the opening pan looks like Rita; One of the
* towers of the castle looks like a milk bottle; Sign: Welcome to
* Camelot -- Ask about our Round Table; Stylized 'W' (for Warner?) over
* the main gate. (Cor)
* ? Merlin's incantation: Sonny Tufts, Sonny Bono, Lorna Luft, Yoko Ono;
* Paula Abdul, Chip 'n' Dale, Hillary Clinton, Quinton McHale.
* . Sonny Tufts: Enjoyed a brief career as a leading man in many
* 1940's films. In the 50s, Tufts fought both legal and drinking
* problems, and became a camp figure. His very name became a joke and
* the mere mention of it in a nightclub or on a TV talk show brought
* down the house in gales of laughter. (MMc)
* . Lorna Luft is a fair actress and singer, but not great at either.
* She probably wouldn't be well known at all if she weren't Judy
* Garland's daughter. (MB)
* . Quinton McHale is from the TV show "McHale's Navy".
* . If you can't figure out the others then you need much more cultural
* awareness than this CRGA can provide.
* + Merlin's recipe for pie is: Sift one pinch powdered spider nostril,
* 1 maggot's armpit, 1 smoked tapeworm. Set aside. Blend grumph from
* a troll's belly button, 2 goat's hoof-jam. Add powdered mixture.
* Puree until creamy. Add fruit to taste. (Speeeew!) (WBB)
* + Table of contents page from Merlin's spellbook: Tabby Cat turned into
* dog; Tabby Cat turned into duck; Tadpoles, magic uses of; Tahoe, how to
* win at Blackjack; Take over the World spell; Vultures turned into
* frogs; Wombat powder, uses of; Zebra gizzard soup. (JC)
* + Some of the stuff on Merlin's reagent shelf: Squid Brain; Powdered
* Spider Legs; Eye of Newt; Bat Wings; Toad lips; Generic Bile; Ishtar
* Box Office Receipts (empty, of course); Schmaltz; Sugar; Freeze-Dried
* Flea Brains, Aqua Vitae (L., "Water of Life"), "Hampster" bits. (JC, BD)
* + Merlin's second incantation: I win, you win, Edwin Newman, Lee of
* Kathie, Regis Philbin.
* . Edwin Newman was an NBC news reporter.
* . Kathie Lee Gifford and Regis Philbin are the stars of the
* insipid show "Regis & Kathie Lee".
* ? The mice pass a unicorn surrounded by flying insects. This must be
* a reference to something. Does anyone know?
- I believe it is a reference to the Tom Cruise, Mia Sara film "Legend"
(1985). Every time they showed the unicorns it that movie it seemed that
the forest was infested with gnats and pollen. (SD)
* + The Warners have stolen a Dean Martin singing harp. (WBB)
* - Also, in the instructions for the Take Over the World spell in the
* spell book, Gennifer Flowers is misspelled as Jennifer Flowers, despite
* all the hype about her name starting with a G. (BD)
Episode: 3A
"Win Big" --
* + Infundibulator. Anyone remember Kurt Vonnegut Jr, and the
* Chrono-synclastic Infundibulum? See *The Sirens of Titan*. (DavE)
* + One book had the author, "H. Pettibone" on it. He is listed
* in the credits under Background Art (Hugh). Also "T. Craig"
* and "Boyer", also both in the credits. (NDR, AS)
* + As P&B walk up the "Farmers Almanack" page, single-frames advertising
* "Crazy Kexx's Cider-powered Rototiller" (or similar). Kexx is a
* model designer. (NDR, AS)
* + Isle of Yap info: The Yap Islands are a volcanic archipelago in the
* western Caroline Islands in the western Pacific. Yap is the largest of
* the 14 islands. (MMc)
* + In a Honeymooners episode, Ralph goes on a game show and has Ed help
* quiz him as preparation. His topic is music, and much to Ralph's
* displeasure, Ed keeps playing "Swanee River" on the piano over and over.
* Well, guess what song Ralph is given on TV for all the marbles? (DO)
"Bubba Bo Bob Brain" --
* + Willie Ray Cyprus == Billy Ray Cyrus
* + "Empty Hollow Head" == "Achy Breaky Heart", Cyrus's terribly annoying
* hit song that swept the nation
* + "Colonel Pinky" refers to a famous rock star manager, "Colonel" Tom
* Parker, whose most famous client was Elvis. (AL)
* + Glenn Campbell sings a takeoff of "Wichita Lineman" (the electric line
* repairman song). (BM, JD)
* - DYN: The call letters of the country station are K-HIX, i.e. hicks.
* They are just visible on the wall behind the DJ. (CMc)
* + Garth Brooks and Crystal Gayle emcee the awards ceremony.
* + Kenny Rogers sings a parody of "The Gambler".
* + Dolly Parton is the guest on the TMN talk show. The set looks exactly
* like one on TNN ("Music City Tonight"?) (RO)
* + "Yee Haw" is a parody of that great corny show "Hee Haw".
* + The Grand Ole Opry is considered the "big time" in country music,
* so Brain had truly come close to succeeding in his plan. (AL)
Episode: 4A
"Meet John Brain" --
* + Larry Kling == CNN's Larry King
* + Suzanne Slimmers and her Thighmonster parallel Suzanne Somers's
* real-life endorsement of the Thighmaster.
* + DYN: Supporters wave signs reading Kansas, Texas, & Jupiter. (RWA)
* + Other media personalities: Wolf Blitzer & Barbara Walters.
* ? 'Admiral Pinky' is a reference to Ross Perot's running mate,
* Whats-his-name Stockdale.
* + Stockdale opened his segment of the VP debate with the rhetorical
* questions, "Who am I? What am I doing here?" (TK)
* - I don't know about you guys, but I swear that I saw Roz from
* Night Court in this Pinky and the Brain episode. She was two
* places: outside the TV store watching the commercial and in
* the convention hall. (AB)
* - When the tomato splatters behind Brain, it looks very much like one of
* the ten Rorshach blots. (Yes, there are only ten, and they're always
* in the same order). (CS)
"The World Can Wait" --
* + Pinky's girlfriend is Phar FigNewton (see "Jockey for Position" in
* Animaniacs Show #27). (WBB)
* + Billie the mouse is based on the Billie Dawn character played by Judy
* Holliday in the Broadway and original movie versions of Garson Kanin's
* play "Born Yesterday". The name, the voice, the naivete of the
* character...it's Judy to a T. Also a 1958 movie. (ML)
* + The bit with the loved feeding lines to the unloved was first done
* in Rostand's *Cyrano de Bergerac* and redone in the Steve Martin
* vehicle *Roxanne*. (WBB, RWA)
"The Helpinki Formula" --
* + "The Helsinki Formula", developed at the "Helsinki Institute", was
* one of the first products to be marketed via the infomercial. (CW)
* - Readers remember it touted as a hair-growing cream (despite disclaimers
* at the bottom of the screen saying it didn't work) and as a skin-care
* cream. Perhaps it was both. :) (CW, RonD)
* - For those foreign readers who may not know, an "infomercial" is the
* common term for "program-length advertisements" -- 30-minute commercials
* masquerading as TV shows. They are often shown late at night on cable
* channels. The products are often useless and/or of dubious quality.
* - The cartoon is a brilliant spoof of the infomercial world, complete
* with insipid hosts, happily applauding 'audiences', and pointless
* celebrity stars. (WBB)
* + Lyle Waggoner starred in the Carol Burnett show for some time. He
* also did an infomercial hawking a cure for male impotence! (MMcD, WBB)
* + Cher did an infomercial for hair-care products.
* ? La Toya Jackson obviously did an infomercial for something, but I
* don't know what. I don't think it was for her Psychic Connection
* thingy.
* - Brain's comment about being "not only the president, but also a..."
* refers to the Hair Club for Men commercials which close in the
* same way (many).
* - The rotating bottle flying into the audience is a dead ringer for the
* one prominently featured in WATCHMEN issue #9 (a graphic novel by
* Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons). (DT, TEB)
Episode: 5A
"Battle for the Planet" --
* - The title for this segment was written in all capitals over a starfield
* and that the letters were tapered at the top? This bore a STRIKING
* resemblance to the Title Card used on the old "Battle of the Planets"
* (usually better remembered as "G-Force") cartoon show produced by
* Sandy Frank. (Cor, KenS)
* - BOTP was the Americanized version of the Japanese "Gatchaman" and had
* a comic book as well, which used the same title style. (PO)
* + Brain's pirate broadcast interrupts the Duffs (from TTA) watching
* Steve Urkel (from the insipid ABC show "Family Matters"). (ST, ErikS)
* + When Brain credits Desi Arnaz with the three-camera system, he's
* referring to the fact that "I Love Lucy" was the first TV show to use
* three cameras and perform the entire show in order. TV shows at the
* time were setting up and filming each scene with a single camera,
* the way most movies are made. (MB)
* + Brain's comment "Oh, the humanity", as Pinky destroys the "city"
* is a reference to the coverage of the crash of the Hindenberg.
* The news announcer became very emotional during the crash, and cried
* out this famous line. (DY + many)
"Jockey for Position" --
* - "Publishers Smearing House" refers to Publishers Clearing House,
* that great American institution responsible for making several
* millionaires and for selling several million magazine subscriptions.
* + Horse names:
* . Flamiel -- The Warner Writers favorite word
* . Isle of Yap -- a Gyp-parody category (from "Win Big") (see Animaniacs
Show #2)
* . Phar FigNewton -- a combo of a famous horse named Phar Lap and
* Volkswagen's word "fahrvergnugen"
* . Leggo-my-Egoiste -- a combo of "Leggo my Eggo" (waffles) and
* the "Egoiste" cologne that had the cool commercial. (WBB, RWA)
* - In the Marx Brothers movie 'Horse Feathers' Harpos character is named
* Pinky. He also has a horse-drawn truck. In his only scene with the
* horse, Pinky fed it flowers and kissed it. I think it's definitely
* more than just a coincidence. Unfortunately they never mentioned the
* horse's name. (BB)
Episode: 6A
"Pavlov's Mice" --
* + Pavlov wanted saliva to study (his Nobel prize was for digestive
* system research) and wasn't really interested in conditioned response,
* per se. (ES)
"Where Rodents Dare" --
* 0 Where Eagles Dare. A war movie about Allied forces invading (you
* guessed it) a high-in-the-mountains castle (the Eagle's Nest) inhabited
* by Nazis. I might have my references slightly off here, but that's
* the movie we're supposed to think of. (RonD)
* + THX-1138 is an old science fiction movie, by either Lucas (I think) or
* Spielberg - it's one of the 1984 big brother type movies. (RonD)
* + THX-1138 was George Lucas' award-winning student film from his USC
* days and was later remade as his first feature film. (TK)
* + The world leaders in the Brady-Bunch-like news graphic are:
* Fidel Castro Queen Elizabeth George Bush
* Nelson Mandela Manuel Noriega Yassir Arafat
* Boris Yeltsin Mihkail Gorbachev Dan Quayle (SM)
* + The man frozen in the lab is a caricature of Brian Mitchell
* (Storyboards.) (AS)
"When Mice Ruled the Earth" --
* + Machine comes from H. G. Wells's book *The Time Machine*. (Treesong)
* - The design of the machine itself, were swipes from the 1979 film
* TIME AFTER TIME, with Malcolm McDowell and Mary Steenburgen. In the
* movie, the vehicle also rotated as it began its journey through time.
* Even the "tunnel" effect seen in WMRTE is similar to the depiction of
* time travel in the earlier film. (DT)
* - They weren't just "similar" they were identical! Right down to the dish
* antenna to collect solar energy and the little key hole in the side
* (which was not used in the cartoon). "Time After Time" is one of my
* favorite movies so I was having quite a time spotting all the FX
* references used. Especially good was the coloring effect used when the
* ship disappears, this was exactly the same (it looked hokey and cheap
* in the movie but was quite impressive for a cartoon!) (PC)
Episode: 7A
"Puppet Rulers" --
* + Meany and Treacle were a send-up of the old Beany and Cecil puppet
* show (later cartoon show) by Robert Clampett. BTW, I thought it was a
* pity that the puppeteer didn't look like Clampett, or even Stan
* Freberg (the voice of Cecil). (BW)
* + Cecil was a "sea-sick sea serpent", and Beanie was a little kid who
* hung out with him. Meany looked just like Cecil, not counting the
* nasty expression, and Treacle parodied Beanie very well, including the
* hat, the hair, the squinty expression, and the too-sweet personality.
* Treacle, by the way, is a kind of molasses, so it certainly fits. (DD)
* + As for the bit with Einstein: Freberg's autobiography mentions an
* anecdote about Einstein interrupting a meeting just so he could watch
* Time for Beany. (BW)
* + All the kids in the audience resemble Ralph Phillips. Ralph was
* featured in Chuck Jones's famous cartoon "From A to Z-z-z-z". (BW)
* - Meany does _not_ look at all like Cecil the Seasick Sea Serpent, but
* like the evil twin of Oliver Dragon from the "Kukla, Fran and Ollie"
* puppet show. (BM)
* - Brain's says "You can call yourself 'Mary Pickford' for all I care."
* and refers to the very well known star of silent film. E.g. Rebecca of
* Sunnybrook Farm (1917) and Pollyanna (1920). She and husband Douglas
* Fairbanks Sr. have been called "Hollywood's first royal couple." (BM)
+ "Love, Luck, and Lollipops" was the sign-off for Sally Starr who had a
really cheap local kids show in Philadelphia in the 1960's called
appropriately enough, "The Sally Starr Show". Maybe in the 70's, too. If
you're in your thirties and you grew up in the Philly area, you probably
saw it. (PH)
* + A little Bill Clinton buys his ears at Bubba's. (WBB)
* + Little Bill looks up at the TV to see President Kennedy say "Ich bin
* ein Noodle Noggin." This is another reference to Kennedy's famous
* gaffe (see Animaniacs Show #21).
* - In a shot of the kids all wearing their BE&NN clothing and surrounded
* by various BE&NN toys and such, there is a balloon (possibly a ball?)
* with Noodle Noggin's picture on it that clearly says "BRAIN" on it, not
* Noodle Noggin (or even The Iconoclast). (JJacoby)
* - When Pinky says that they missed the disco era, Brain gets angry for a
* few seconds while they play a few measures of Mussorgsky's "Night on
* Bald Mountain", which was released on the _Saturday_Night_Fever_
* soundtrack (in a disco-fied version, of course) as "Night on Disco
* Mountain". (DM) (Too close to be a coincidence IMO. -WBB)
* + P&TB interrupt "America's Funniest Furniture" to announce their
* comeback. (JJC)
* + Marvin T. Martian is on the side of a building posing with a
* basketball. Obviously a reference to the Nike ads. (ST)
* - DYN: When the Big Ears/Noodle Noggin fans show up to hand over the
* therapy bills, each one is wearing a t-shirt with outlines of a heart,
* a clover, and a lollipop ("Love, Luck, and Lollipops"). (DC)
"Brain meets Brawn" --
* 0 The character design for Jekyll & Hyde was borrowed from Looney Tunes.
* First appeared in Friz Freleng's "Hyde and Hare", and also appeared a
* few years later in "Hyde and Go Tweet". (WBB, BW, many)
* - 1859 inscription on the pendulum must have some meaning. Best guess:
* The Great Hall at Westminster burned down and was rebuilt from
* 1840-1860. Maybe that's when the clock was installed. (MR)
* - Useless fact: Big Ben is the name of the bell that chimes the hour,
* *not* the name of the clock it's a part of. (MF)
Episode: 8A
"Opportunity Knox" --
* + The last name "Perkins" is the most common name in the Elizabethtown
* Kentucky area, which is a mere 10 minutes drive from Fort Knox. (RV)
"Cranial Crusader" --
* + The Caped Opossum and Mr. Badnote had voices remarkably similar to
* their counterparts on "Batman: the animated series" (Batman and
* Joker, voiced by Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill).
"Yes, Always" --
* + For those who don't (or can't) watch the credits, the caricatures are:
* Tom Ruegger (Senior Producer), Peter Hastings (Story Editor and writer),
* Andrea Romano (Voice Casting and Direction), and Harry Andronis
* (sound engineer for Soundcastle/Postmodern recording studio). (WBB)
* + FWIW, most of the Pinky & The Brain cartoons have been written by
* Hastings. (WBB)
* + Andrea says: "I can't believe that guy, I Taft-Hartley'd him on
* his first job!" The Taft-Hartley act was a union-related piece of
* legislation. In the Hollywood sense, a producer can hire a non-union
* actor for a union production if she then writes a letter to the union
* explaining how crucial the actor was and requesting to let them join
* the union. Andrea had obviously done this for Brain and he wasn't
* showing the proper gratitude for her starting his big-money
* union-paycheck career. (SS)
* + The number "Animaniacs 406-859" that Pinky keeps referring to was
* the actual production number for this short.
* - Brain's dialogue is 99% word-for-word from a series of outtakes of
* Orson Welles doing some really low-grade commercials. Only words like
* "sh*t" were changed to "cheese" for obvious reasons. It's hilarious to
* listen to, especially to hear Orson intone "show me a way to say that
* and I'll go down on you." Of course you're kind of missing half the joke
* if you haven't heard the tape. (AS)
* - And yes, the directors are really as stupid as Pinky's lines suggest
* they are. (AS)
* - "Get yourself an impressionist" could refer to the fact that
* Maurice LaMarche often does Jon Lovitz impressions when Jon is
* unable to make it to the recording studio (to record his voice for
* "The Critic" [new ABC cartoon]). (KS)
* - The length of this entry should indicate to you how... unique this
* cartoon was for the average viewer. :)
Episode: 9A
"Don't Tread On Us" --
+ Where the title came from: One proposed official flag for the U.S.
(before the "Stars and Stripes" design was chosen) was a coiled
rattlesnake with the caption "Don't tread on me". It, obviously, never
became an official flag. Ben Franklin used the image in an editorial
cartoon either during or shortly after the revolution, depicting a
snake cut into thirteen pieces, to show that cooperation was necessary.
But that's another story. (BEC)
+ The Boston Tea Party was actually in 1773. Note the "East India Tea
Company" on the side of the box. The British government allowing the
company to sell directly to the colonists, instead of through colonial
merchants, is part of the reason the Party happened. (ME)
+ The Boston Tea Party wasn't REALLY about tax. The deal that Britain
made with the East India Company meant that even with the tax, the tea
was cheaper to buy than tea that had been smuggled into the colonies.
The now-revered men who spearheaded the "Tea Party" were the ones who
made lots of money out of tea smuggling, so it was in their best
interest to ensure that this new inexpensive tea never made it to
market. It's not quite the glorious, honorable event as unresearched
history books like to make it seem. (RO)
- DYN: Classic WB character Elmer Fudd hunting "Wedcoats". This is a
reference to his normal catchphrase in the Bugs Bunny cartoons, "Shh.
I'm hunting Wabbits." "Redcoats" was a name given to the British
soldiers by the American colonists in reference to the red uniforms the
soldiers wore. (Jackie)
- DYN: "The Flame" (from Animaniacs episode #21 and others) on the right as
Jefferson writes the "Declaration of Independance". (ME)
+ The "Declaration of Independance" served notice to the world that the
colonies and especially Britain intended to become an independent
nation. (ME)
+ Pinky's response to AYPWIP? refers to "Yankee Doodle", the song made up
by the British to ridicule the Americans but was instead used by the
colonists to ridicule the British. (ME)
+ Detroit, Michigan is the home of Motown Records, best known for its
influence on music in the 1960's. (ME)
+ Ben Franklin is seen talking with John Adams, who later became the
second President of the United States. Both were on the committee
charged with drafting the Declaration. (ME)
+ The signing of the Declaration of Independence takes place at
Independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA. Jefferson rings the famous
Liberty Bell after the signing, which can also be found in Philadelphia.
+ Pinky and the Brain are in the bell tower when Jefferson rings the bell,
which is shown with the very noticeable signature crack. At the time
the Declaration of Independence was signed (the Bell was rung to call
citizens to the first public reading of it - 8 July 1776) the bell was
*not* cracked! The bell began to crack during the 1800's, it is
believed to have first cracked while being rung at the funeral of
Supreme Court chief justice John Marshall in 1835. It was repaired (by
making the crack larger, so the edges would not vibrate against each
other), but was finally silenced after it was rung for George
Washington's birthday in 1846. (HB)
+ Historical Clarification: Contrary to popular belief, the Liberty Bell,
which was used for the above purposes, BTW, was not created or
commissioned for the American Revolution. In fact, it was made long
before all that junk happened. So why is it the *Liberty* Bell? It
was crafted by an abolitionist who wanted a bell to ring every time a
slave was freed. Cynicism made him use not-so-durable materials (hence
the crack). As to why it was used for such patriotic events? Well, it
was the cheapest bell the Continental Congress could find. They weren't
exactly rich back then. (There also wasn't any income tax for over a
century.) (JFL)
+ Benjamin Franklin actually did fly that kite as an experiment to find
out if lightning was an electrical discharge. Although it was not in
1776, it was in 1752. Also, it was done under a LOT more controlled
and scientific circumstances than you see in cartoons. Franklin used
another string that he kept dry to hold onto the wet string, and he
stood in a stable, so that the lightning wouldn't zap him. From his
experiments, he invented the lightning rod. (EG, ME)
+ As for the final comment, French people are stereotyped in the U.S. as
being rude. (ME)
"Hercules Unwound" --
+ The title "Hercules Unwound" refers to the less than spectacular film
"Hercules Unchained" of 1960. (BC, RN)
- DYN: The signs on the signpost point to Delphi, Olympus, Athens, Sparta,
and Gyro. All but the last are actual place names from the period.
Gyro is a type of Greek sandwich. (MB)
- DYN: At the beginning, someone runs by in the background carrying a
torch? This is a reference to the Olympic Games, which originated in
ancient Greece. (MB)
- DYN: Also in that initial pan shot, there are grape vines in the
foreground. These are correct for the setting, and much beloved of
Bacchus, god of wine. (MB)
+ The statues leading up to the one of Hercules are of Zeus, Hephaestus
(god of the forge, and maker of Zeus' lightning bolts), and Artemis
(goddess of the hunt). (MB)
+ The list of the twelve tasks that Hercules holds up is correct, but very
brief. Here's the list followed by a short description of what the actual
task was (for more details, check your local library, under mythology):
I) Lion == Killing the Nemean lion
II) Hydra == Killing the Hydra
III) Boar == Capturing the Erymanthian boar
IV) Stag == Capturing the Stag of Artemis
V) Birds == Killing the man-eating Stymphalian birds
VI) Clean Stables == Cleaning the Augean stables
VII) Bull == Capturing the Cretan bull
VIII) Horsies == Capturing the horses of Diomedes
IX) Girdle == Capturing the girdle of Hippolyta
X) Cattle == Capturing the cattle of Geryon
XI) Golden Apples == Stealing the golden apples of the Hesperides
XII) Cerberus == Capturing Cerberus
+ Hercules had to perform all those labors because he'd killed his wife
and children in a fit of pique brought upon him by Hera. Hera (who was
Zeus' wife and the lady on the couch on Mount Olympus) was jealous of
Hercules, because he was Zeus' son via an affair. Zeus told Hercules
that only his cousin, King Eurystheus could purify him of the crime.
King Eurystheus (influenced by Hera) assigned Hercules twelve
"impossible" tasks to perform as penances for his crime. (MBl, BN, DS)
- NIT: Togas -- The Greeks didn't wear them, and that thing Hercules was
wearing certainly wasn't a toga. Proper togas are made of yards and
yards of wool, and they don't stay on unless you stand with great
dignity (the famous Roman gravitas), and hang on to key portions with
one hand. (MBl)
+ The professor was meant to be Aristotle, who founded the Lyceum, the
first university of Western Civilization; notice also that Aristotle
paces back and forth a bit, which was supposedly a habit of his that
led to his teaching method to be called "peripatetic".
(i.e. "wandering"). (GD)
- NIT: Roman numerals -- Were not used by the Greeks. The Greeks used the
first few letters of their alphabet (plus the digamma, which disappeared
from the alphabet at some point). (MBl)
- DYN: That Pinky for a brief second imitates the famous pose of the
discus-thrower. Also, shots of Olympus are accompanied by Wagnerian
strains (via "What's Opera, Doc?"). (DG)
+ Pinky and the Brain were being chased by the three-headed dog Cerberus,
who guarded the entrance to Hades. (DS)
- DYN: There was a Trojan Horse in the stables which Hercules was using
as a manure receptacle. (ASL)
+ Comedianne Joan Rivers appears as Medusa. (BN)
+ "Dishwashing liquid, you soak in it," refers to an ad slogan for Palmolive
dishwashing liquid. (BN)
+ Medusa's joke about Mercury ("I just flew down from Olympus, and my feet
are killing me!") refers to the fact that Mercury is often depicted as
having wings on his ankles. (MB)
- NIT: Names of gods and heroes -- The Roman names are used instead of the
Greek names. Mercury should have been Hermes. Hercules should have
been Heracles. (MBl, SM)
- NIT: When Perseus beheaded Medusa, the winged horse Pegasus sprang from
the blood that spilled out of her severed parts. So, Medusa and Pegasus
in the same place doesn't work. (raven)
- NIT: Oddly, Hercules did NOT turn to stone when he looked at Medusa -
even close up. It would have made for a shorter cartoon, but I was
looking forward to seeing that. (SK)
- BTW, since she was never referred to by name, we can't be sure that's
Medusa. Medusa was one of three Gorgons, but the only one who wasn't
immortal. (MB)
+ The markings on the top of one of the buildings on Olympus are those of
a helipad, or helicopter landing pad. (MB)
- Did anyone else think Zeus looked like Orson Welles? This would have
ben funny in its own right, but given that the Brain was trying to take
his place, it was particularly amusing. (SP)
+ "Come celebrate the moments" was a General Foods International Coffees
advertisement. (CL)
+ A fragment of the Pastoral symphony plays after the stables are cleaned;
this reference to the sequence in Disney's 1940 film "Fantasia" which
has a Greek god theme. (BC)
- NIT: Cleaning out the Augean Stables, was accomplished by Hercules by
diverting a river through it (not by busting a dam). (DS)
+ Pinky speaks of Bactine after he and Brain get banged up. This refers
to a commonly used disinfectant which supposedly doesn't sting. (SK)
- Oh, about all of the nits for this short: Stuff like "Hercules
Unchained" was just as bad, so maybe this was more satire. (MBl)
"In the Garden of Mindy" --
* + Zoysia grass is a real thing; it was developed by the US Government
* and the US Golf Association for use as golf course turf. (WBB)
* - Script errors: telepathy cannot be used to move objects, that's
* telekinesis. (SK)
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