At the end of every show, Brain sticks one of his words into the credits.  These are the first 63?  How many do you know?  Do you know of any more off of newer shows?    

Spizzerinctum - the will to succeed
Ultracrepidarianism - giving opinions outside of one's knowledge
Gharnao - a raft made of inverted ceramic pots
Palinoia - compulsive repetition of an act until perfect
Yerk - to beat someone vigorously
Formication - the feeling that ants are crawling on you
Hircismus - stinky armpits
Oobar - a dry fog of the upper Nile
Cynanthropy - disorder where sufferer imagines he's a dog Brain2.gif
Psaphonic - planning one's rise to fame
Groaking - staring at someone eating in hopes they'll give you something
Myomancy - divination by movements of mice
Hamartia - the classic tragic flaw
Honorificabilitudinitatibus - with honorableness
Exophagy - cannibalism outside the tribe
Spheropygian - having full and rounded buttocks
Omphaloskepsis - contemplating one's navel
Zumbooruk - A small cannon fired from the back of a camel
Sinciput - the forehead
Anophelosis - morbid state due to extreme frustration
Unasinous - equally stupid
Empleomania - obsession with holding public office
Floccinaucinihilipilification - categorizing something as worthless trivia
Peritoneum - the membrane that lines the abdominal cavity
Aerophobia - fear of air
Sagittal Suture - jagged line on the top of your skull
Phronemophobia - fear of thinking
Anterior Nares - your nostrils
Morology - the study of foolish and nonsensical talking
Caruncle - small piece of bulging flesh
Panphobia - fear of everything
Trichotillomania - abnormal urge to pull out one's hair
Caseation - dead tissue that looks like crumbly cheese
Post-Prandial - following a meal
Azygous - appearing as one single being or part
Barophobia - fear of gravity
Genu - any body structure that's shaped like the knee
Ideophobia - fear of ideas
Helminthisasis - disease caused by worms invading the body
Introjection - building someone elses qualities into your ego
Bolus - chewed up lumps of food
Sparganosis - infection from larvae of the fish tapeworm
Ototoxic - having a bad effect on hearing organs
Bleb - small gathering of fluid under the skin
Blue Nevus - a steel blue skin lump
Buccal - the inside of your cheek
Epistaxis - a nose bleed
Quercetin - a yellow dye found in lemons
Epulis - a tumor or growth on the gums
Fasciculus - small bundle of muscles, tendons, or nerve fibers
Hypesthesia - abnormally low sense of feeling
Entropion - an eyelid turned in towards the eye
Calor - body heat
Ghost Teeth - lack of the teeth's outer layers
Pternophobia - fear of feathers
Linonophobia - fear of string
Persiflage - insignificant babble
Mythophobia - fear of stories
Enucleation - removal of an organ in one piece
Erythrocyte - a red blood cell
Schadenfreude - joy at the misfortune of others
Epimyth - the moral of a story
Fuliginous - smoky or sooty place
Refacillate - to refresh or revive
Congaudence - a celebrating or rejoicing together
Contesserate - allied in friendship
Humdudgeon - imagining pain or ailment
Periculant - being in danger
Enatic - related to on the mother's side
Basilic - royal or kingly
Viraginity - female masculinity
Capitose - having a large head
Flexanimous - able to change others' minds
Affinal - related by marriage
Otacust - a spy

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