Who is this man called pinky??

we know (or speculate) who the brain is supposed to be, but where did pinky come from???

Admiral Pinky

Since some of you still want to overanalyze everything (and a request from Andres), I will give you my opinion of who Pinky (of Pinky and The Brain) is.  There have been many items written about the Brain, but his loyal sidekick has been forgotten.  Why a sidekick and, in particular, why this one, NARF This page has nothing to do with The WB Network (or Fox Kids) or anything else.  These are my own thoughts, put out there by special request.

All famous heroes have had sidekicks.  Matt Dillion and Festus, Batman and Robin, the Lone Ranger and Tonto.  The hero needs a faithful sidekick to back him up, assist him in his every need, and of course, to run errands for him (Tonto, ride into town and see if the bad guys are there).  The sidekick is indispensable to the hero.

Comedy acts also need a hero (straight man) and a side kick (fall guy).  Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello, Moe and Curly (and Lary).  In these and in many other cases, it took both players to make the act a success.  Perhaps the most famous duo in literature, is Don Quixote and Sancho (The Man of La Mancha) {see "The Mouse of La Mancha"}.  Don Quixote {Don Cerebro} was so confused and delirious, that if not for Sancho {Sancho Pinky}, he would not have even survived, much less been somewhat successful.

I have shown that the Brain NEEDS a sidekick.  But who?

First, the name.  While the name Brain has certain definite connotations.  the name Pinky has a few possible meanings.  When mice are born, they do not have any fur yet and their skin is a pink (rosa) color.  In English, we add a "y" ("ito" in Spanish) to the end of a name to denote affection.  This gives us names such as Jimmy, Tommy, Janey.  Thus, the name Pink with a "y" would give us Pinky (Rosito).  An affectionate name of a child.  Also, we call the our smallest, most insignificant finger the pinky finger (dedito).  I do not think that this is a coincidence with Pinky's name.  The Brain is mighty!  Pinky is, well, a Pinky!

What kind of sidekick?  In the examples that I have listed, the protagonist and his sidekick have been opposites.  The Wellian Brain is highly intelligent, domineering, short tempered, very focused, selfish, intolerant, and cares about no one but himself and his quest toSt. Paul dominate everyone and everything.  Pinky is very much the opposite in almost everything.  He is patient, kind, not jealous or boastful, not arrogant or rude, does not insist on his own way, is not resentful or irritable, does not rejoice at wrong, but rather at right, he bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things.  Pinky has love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.  (This sounds like something the Apostle Paul would write!)

Boy ScoutsOr maybe Pinky is:  Trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent?



Brain is very focused.  Pinky, on the other hand, tends to daydream a lot.  "Pinky, AYPWIP?  I think so, but what if the hippo won't wear a thong bikini?"  How many times has a teacher asked you, "do you know what the capital of Bolivia is?" And you answered, "I think so, is it Romeo and Juliet?"ZZTop

The Brain is very intense.  Pinky's philosophy is, "Just say NARF!"  Or in the words of the great philosopher ZZTOP, "Don't worry, be happy!" (Or is it "Don't worry, drive happy!?")

There are even some instances where Pinky takes on some of the attributes of the Brain, and the Brain doesn't like it!  As Pinky Suavo,  he has the charisma covets, but lacks and is therefore jealous.  In another episode, the Brain makes Pinky as smart as he is, because he figures that the reason that his plans fail is because of Pinky's idiocy.  Once smart, Pinky points out an error in Brain's math and shows that it is the Brains fault that the plans fail!  In disgust, Brain makes himself stupid so the plans can succeed.  Out of compassion, Pinky makes himself stupid too, so Brain would have company.

They even have opposite home lives. Brain is married to Sheila, the mouse that plays Billie in three episodes.  She is a real witch, and as foul tempered as the Brain.  Pinky, on the other hand, is married to Margaret, a hand puppet made out of an old sock (in Brain's mind, worthless).  Brain espouses what the world would see as the best and Pinky takes on the least.

Finally, there are those who say that ALL of the Brain's plans for world domination have failed.  Not so!  In their Christmas special, Brain's plan succeeds and the whole world is hypnotized and waiting for Brain's commands.  Just as he is about to give the orders, he is overcome by Pinky's selfless, kind act and breaks down into tears as wishes everyone a merry Christmas!

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