Known Aliases of Pinky and the Brain

Pinky and the Brain have undertaken several different pseudonyms to aid in the Brain's plans. The following is a list of nom de plumes used by both of them.
(We think that the names match the episodes listed. If you have any comments, additions or CORRECTIONS, please let us know!)
Das Mouse
Jacques Cousteau, Captain Brain
Mr. Pinky
Of Mouse and Man
Minstrel Mouse Pinky
Tokyo Grows
Bubba Bo Bob Brain
Bubba Bo Bob Brain
Pinky & The Fog
The Fog
Where No Mouse Has Gone Before
Werner von Brain from the Braun Institute in Bonn 
 Brain - Emperor of Earth
Werner von Pinky from the Mink Institute in Pink
Win Big
John Brain
Admiral Pinky , Pinkinia
Where No Mouse Has Gone Before
Battle for the Planet
Most Exhaulted Ned Limpopo 
 Prime Minister and Ruler of Brainania
Brainania's Minister of Finance
Hassan Lembeck
Jockey for Position
Ed McMahon
Pavlov's Mice
Czar Brain
When Mice Ruled The Earth
Jamal Spelling
Johnathan Michael Charles
Where Rodents Dare
General Brain
Grey Squirrel
Gunther Heindreksen from Appenzel Bullfrog
Brain Meets Brawn
Monsieur Jean Jacques Jean-Jean Jean, Emperor Brain, Napoleon
Puppet Rulers
The Iconoclast, Noodle Noggin
Big Ears
Opportunity Knox
 Mr. Perkins - an average non-descript motorist
Cranial Crusader
The Cranial Crusader
The Pink Wonder
Hercules Unwound
Around the World in 80 Narfs
Lord Lumpfordchestershire
 Great Chief Brain
Jimmy Brain, Dr. Ingmar Hostwax
Dr. Nicky Jigglitalitlitlopen
Ambulatory Abe
Abraham Lincoln
The Mouse of  La Mancha
Don Cerebro de La Mancha 
Sancho Pinky
The Third Mouse
Herr Brain
An International Plumbing Expert
Toulouse Le Brain - Artiste Modern
Bob Del Monte - Chairman of the House Un-American Artistic Committee
Plan Brain from Outer Space
General Jones
Mr. Pinky, General Maltese
The Mummy
The Great King Khufu
King Khufu's previously unknown brother - George
Robin Brain
Robin Brain - a noble outlaw who steals from the rich and gives to himself
The Pink Candidate
Chief of Staff Brain
Mr. Pinky, Ulysses Delano Fitzgerald Milhous Pinky (Lady Bird to his friends) Mr. President
Brain's Song
Brain Piccadilly, The Overlord
Irving "Shifty" Bizarre, Pinky van Patten [playing Meadowlark Lemon and Coach Barebottom]
Megalomaniacs Anonymous
Mr. Ramplik - an uncooperative cable repairman
Mr. Googily Eyes - fidgety accountant by day, and caped crusader by night
Hoop Schemes
Muhammad Alba Brain, Minnie-ha-ha
Spud Pinky, Chumps
This Old Mouse
Jean-Claude Brain, Mr. Sven Feldman
Pinky Bayul, Mrs. Vira Feldman
My Feldmans, My Friends
Mr. "The Brain", Mr. Sven Feldman
Mrs. Vira Feldman
Funny, You Don't Look Rhennish
Brother Brain
Brother Pinky
Mice Don't Dance
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Cher, Lud Finkle from the Pulitzer Prize Committee
All You Need is Narf
The Guru Mous-arishi
Pinky's Plan
 Mr. Richard Simmons
Mr. Pinky
Brain Acres
Mr. "The Brain", Farmer Brain
Farmer Pinky
The Pinky Protocol
Harold Foster Brain
Calvin Brain
Calvin Brain
Pinky Suavo
Pinky Suavo
T.H.E.Y. (The Hord of Ecumenical Yodelers)
Most Exhaulted Ned Limpopo - Prime Minister and Ruler of Brainania,
Brainania's Minister of Finance
Hassan Lembeck,
Brain's Way
The Chairman, Brainatra [Emperor of Vegas]
Brainy Jack
Brainy Jack - defender of hippies
Pinky Steve
A Pinky and the Brain Halloween
Rush Limbaugh
Broadway Malady
Norman Brain
But, That's Not All Folks
Police Chief Orrin Hauser,
Dr. Peter Patterson, Jill
A Careful Comparison Shopper
Operation Sea Lion
Sparky LaBraina - the world's keenest baseball mind
Pinky Rodriguez
You Said a Mouseful
Mr. Kawasaki
Mr. Hiasaka, Mr. Turkey-Lurkey
Brainie the Poo
Brainie the Poo
The Melancholy Brain
The Spirit of Hamlet's Father
Beach Blanket Brain
Braindoggie, an aloof bohemian nomad from parts unknown
Pink Daddy, Braindoggie's beatnik buddy, on the lookout for wild sea chimps in the sun
The Family that Poits Together, Narfs Together
Mr. Brain, Inspector Fergison with the Better Bureau of Business Misconduct
A Board of Health Inspector
Mr. Pinky
Inherit the Wheeze
Brainy the Elf
The Pinky P.O.V.
Man (Band member of "Frog the Dry Widget")
Dude (Band member of "Frog the Dry Widget") 
The Really Great Dictator
Wolfgang Brain
Your Friend: Global Domination
A typical suburban housewife
Dangerous Brains
Mr. Brainzlowski
Jergen Pinkhead
Whatever Happened to Baby Brain
Little Baby Brain
Mother Pinky

Updated 21 April 1999

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