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"Pinky, Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?"

This site contains all of the AYPWIP (Are you pondering what I'm pondering) sound files that we have been able to find (and the text for many others), now including the 2020 Reboot series!. There are also some other assorted sound bites from the show. We have also included some pictures of the Pinky and the Brain. We have not been following Pinky and the Brain and Elmira this season, as we don't like it.

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AYPWIP ..wavs First Season Emperor Brain
AYPWIP ..wavs Second Season
AYPWIP ..wavs other seasons
AYPWIP ..mp3s (and videos!) from the 2020 Reboot Series
The AYPWIP that we do not have as .wavs.                         
Other assorted sound files
Picture Gallery
Famous Quotes from Pinky and the Brain
Is the Brain really Orson Wells?

So, who is this Pinky guy supposed to be?

Who else are they impersonating?
Brain's Words (Do not floccinaucinihilipilificate this page!)
Please, Please, Please, Get a Life!
Where in the world are you coming from?
The opening clip (Careful - It's 3MB!)
Not one but TWO desktop Themes!
A Complete Episode Guide - By popular demand! (Thanks, Mark)

The Song "BrainStem"

Pinky and the Brain Postymodern Jukebox Theme Song


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