Other Sounds from the Show

These are other cool sounds I have found (even some from Pinky, Elmira and the Brain). I know that they are not AYPWIP sounds, but I still think that they are GREAT sound files. Take care and have a good time.

The theme music from Pinky and the Brain
I want to take over the world! Why???
World's Richest Nerd
You're Dr. Nicky
Monkey in his pants
Still has a monkey in his pants
Stop nagging

What are we going to do tonite?
Don't worry, little mouse
This mouse has an attitude
Brain smells like ...
First, I'll take a bath
That man is forty-six years old!
The theme music from Mindy and the Brain
Pinky's reaction to a chain letter
The classic line from the show...you better know what it is
What are we doing tomorrow night? Guess.
Save the world
Pinky's description of Snowball
There is no cause for alarm, but there probably will be
What is troz?
What is Narf?
Don't worry, little mouse.

Gilligan Island Dialog
Brain singing 'I'm a Little Teapot.

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