pinky and the Brain Quotes, NARF

Stepped on by a horse
Pinky & Snowball B: That was unpleasant.

Walking into a doorframe
B: This is a pain which is going to linger.

Pinky has kicked him into the cage bars while doing his Russian dance
P: Gee, Brain, what are you doing over there?
B: Pondering your afterlife, Pinky.

From "Bubba Bo Bob Brain"
B: Sometimes you make my head hurt, Pinky.

Walking into a doorframe (again)
B: Yes! This pain will definitely be with me.

From "Bubba Bo Bob Brain"
B: It must be inordinately taxing to be such a boob.
P: You have no idea.

To Pinky, while on stilts
B: If I could reach you, I would hurt you.

Sí, bueno From "Opportunity Knox"
B: Yes, Pinky, that's it. We shall open a boutique and sell ladies' clothing and pollen.

Entering a bus station
Ticket Saleslady: You're a tall drink of water, aint'cha darlin'?
B: Actually, I'm a lab mouse on stilts.

After whacking Pinky with a test tube
B: I feel cleansed.

Pinky sees a similarly stupid looking horse
B: Dear God, they're multiplying.

From "When Mice Ruled the Earth"
B: Some mice have more evolving to do than others.

From "Meet John Brain"
B: Pinky, once I take over the world, remind me to publicly snub you.

Pinky the Minstrel Responding to a suggestion from Pinky
B: Brilliant, Pinky! Oh, no, wait. What if we want to use a plan that works?

From "The Helpinky Formula"
B: Remember, I'm not just the president of the Small Club for Men, I'm also a mouse planning world domination.

Introducing himself to TV land
B: And I am the Iconoclast, an unconventional eccentric who marches to a different drummer... [whacked on head] but you may call me Noodle Noggin.

Being squashed by a gold ingot
B: I am in intense pain.

B: It proved that radio was a powerful tool. And now, Pinky, the advance of technology has brought us an even more powerful tool. Do you know what that is?
P: Ummm... the rubber band?
B: The Workings of your mind are a mystery to me, Pinky.

B: Promise me something, Pinky. Never breed.
P: I'll try.

Mindy and the Brain - Click Here B: I am in intense pain, Pinky.
P: Ditto, Brain. Zort!

B: Pinky, I am in considerable pain.
P: Narf! Zort! Poit! Gat! I'm with you, Brain!

B: Here we are, Pinky--at the dawn of time!
P: Narf, Brain. Wake me at the noon of time.

B: Now, Pinky, if by any chance you are captured during this mission, remember you are Gunther Heindriksen from Appenzell. You moved to Grindelwald to drive the cog train to Murren. Can you repeat that?
P: Mmmm, no, Brain, don't think I can.

P: Egad! You astound me, Brain!
B: That's a simple task, Pinky.

B: Come here, Pinky, so that I may hurt you.

From "Brainie the Pooh," with Brain as the title character and Pinky as Pinklet
B: Pinklet, did it ever occur to you that that scarf may be constricting the flow of blood to your brain?
P: Oh, yes, it did, Brainie, but it keeps my neck all cozy warmy!

From the end of "Brain's Night Off," after a series of unsuccessful entertainment trips
B: Come, Pinky. We must return to the lab to prepare for tomorrow night.
P: Gee, Brain, what are we going to do tomorrow night?
B: The only thing I know how to have any fun doing. Trying to take over the world!

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